Deixis brings together the works of Pat Blocher, Gloria Ceren, Kim Turner-Smith, Zakriya Rabani, and Laura Kim Meckling. Centered on the operation of deictic expression, the work functions to invite the viewer in, transforming and reframing conventional context. Through proximity and bearing witness, a channel is formed, creating a glimpse into a present moment. The exhibition will feature recent, multidisciplinary works by the five MFA candidates here at the University of South Florida.






Deixis is currently at the Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery located on the USF Tampa campus.

Into Something Better - July 2017 - Florida Swamp


Into Something Better is a blog circle, check out all of these amazing artists by clicking the link on each photographer's blog entry.  You will eventually circle around to everyone.  The next post is by Sherri Davis from Ontario, Canada.  She has shared some lovely summer photographs of her family at the falls.